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Information contained on this page.
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Seibukan Membership / Renewal Form.

Please read this entire page and/or download the Membership Info PDF file (above) to answer any questions. For any additional questions not covered on this page:

George R. Parulski, Jr.
9th dan - hanshi

Contact: email contact
Please be advised that all members must turn in their fees for Dai-Nippon Seibukan Budo-kai to Yama-ji Kan Dojo no later than November 30th, of your renewal year. Please be on time. Year after year we have late renewals which makes paperwork much harder than it need be.
Forms can be sent in the following ways:

They can be mailed to: YAMA-JI KAN DOJO / P.O. Box 321 / Webster, NY 14580.

They can be called in at our affiliated companies: Kobushi Multimedia® at (585) 205-8594 or East Way Photography at 585-234-8464. Please leave in your message, name, billing address, credit card type, credit card number, 3-digit security code (on back of card), full billing address of card and expiry date. It is rare to actually get anyone to personally answer the phone this time of year so please leave all your info.

Fees can be sent in the following ways:

Checks, money orders made payable to: YAMA-JI KAN DOJO.

You can charge your dues to MasterCard or Visa only. [American Express can be accepted but will appear under an affiliate company East Way Photography.] You can call it in and leave a message which has the credit card type, credit card number, 3-digit security code (on back of card), full billing address of card and expiry date to (585) 734-1644 or 585-234-8464.

$125.00 per yudansha in dojo
$35.00 per mudansha
$600.00 for an association*
IF YOU ARE AN ASSOCIATION YOU MUST RENEW AS AN ASSOCIATION AND NOT INDIVIDUAL BLACK BELTS. MOST DOJOS ARE ACTUALLY ASSOCIATIONS. How do I tell the difference? If you are a seibukan member but you do not offer it to black belts at your dojo, you are an individual member. If you offer Seibukan membership through your dojo you are an association. If you received your membership in Seibukan as part of a larger organization (like AJA members cross-certifying as Seibukan members, you are an individual).

Easy. You have several options:

You can list all members by name and address on a sheet of paper indicating if they are yudansha or mudansha.

You can use the renewal form (on this webpage). Remember, use of this form is strictly optional. DO NOT EMAIL THESE FORMS. They must be printed, filled out and mailed via Post Office.
If you are an association, all you need do is send us the name and address of the federation that is renewing.

Please be sure to get all renewals directly to USA Operations at:

Yama-ji Kan Dojo
PO Box 321
Webster, NY
14580 USA
Do Not Send renewals to the USA president, William Stockey since this will only create delays in resending them.
It is your responsibility to check your records and see that every yudansha and/or title holder has paid their membership fees. It is your responsibility to notify them, supply them with renewals forms and or information, collect fees and send fees to USA Operations (George Parulski). Association memberships are exempt from this.